Doris Kelson was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1952, from a Jewish family of Polish origin that left Berlin in 1938 and immigrated to Brazil.

She graduated with a degree in Psychology at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 1977, and later specialized in Bioenergetics therapy, having worked as a therapist for many years. After that she also specialized in Drama and worked as an actress.

Since 1984 she began to develop her passion for pottery, choosing clay as the best material to anchor and express her creativity. Her work as a ceramist has developed with artistic creations- from sculptures to utilitarian objects, in which she expresses her sensitivity through a personal and peculiar blend of handling the clay, firing, and glazing.

She has shown her work in different exhibitions and events, such as the Ceramics Biennial of Rio de Janeiro, and has been dedicated to teaching at her studio, as well as to other related activities.

Plunging into a bold style with her technical skills, Doris continues to develop through her research and daily work at her ceramic studio in Rio de Janeiro.