“I knew who I was when I woke up this morning, but I’ve changed several times since then.”

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carrol

Legend says that we come from a divine breath and are made of clay, beautiful and enchanted. In 1993 clay found me and I discovered myself!

From my foundation as an actress and a psychologist, I have witnessed many personal stories and I use them as inspiration to create my ceramic objects.

Since then, I found myself immersed in the research of different materials, such as oxides, glazes, pigments, mud, and different types of firing that make up the mysterious orchestra of ceramic art.

It was a fun challenge to create different plates, boxes, lids, nozzles, etc; the work on the wheel, the distortions in the pots that started to become characters.

When I work with clay, it becomes alive and possesses its own way of being. I use the wheel and the hand building to create sculptural and utilitarian objects that are compounded into complex ceramic personalities.

From the beginning, I found myself composing scenes, suggesting stories and events, through eternal spinning.

The stories of oral traditions have always served as inspiration and guided me in this complex and surprising world of ceramic art.

They say that God made the world round so that no one would get lost.

I plunge into this symbol: the circle, presented in all cultures and times, in myths, religions, architecture, dreams, mandalas, as an archetypal interior image of the Man who aspires to unity.

I develop my work with circularity, a permanent movement of coming and going.